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        About Us

        We are Jake + Liv, a wedding-photography couple based in Charlotte, NC. We love people and sharing their stories, which is why we do what we do. We are motivated above all by God’s love, which we aim to reflect in all of our endeavors – from loving one another well to serving our clients with presence and excellence. We believe in the power of photography to transport people back to moments, awaken the senses in remembrance, and invoke a sense of nostalgia that brings back all the good feels. Simply put, we love love and want to preserve it through documenting it one photo at a time.

        Our Approach

        We seek to create an environment of freedom within all of our photo-shoots. We desire for our sessions to be an experience for our clients, where they come alive in their love, their beauty, and feel fully themselves. We find a variety of creative ways to make our couples feel more comfortable and at home in front of our cameras. We believe that the best images are true to the stories that they reflect, and it's not a one-size fits all game. We understand that everyone is different and that every love story is unique, and we want to capture your love the way that it is - because that's what will make you feel things when you look at them 25 years down the road.

        Are we a good fit?
        Do you cover weddings internationally?
        Are you both present at every wedding?
        What should we expect when we shoot with you?
        On average, how many photos do you deliver?
        Are engagement sessions included in your packages?
        we may be a good fit if: - you are WILDLY in love - you want to become our friends (this is key for us to best capture comfortable moments) - you like moodier + more classic edits - you are willing to be vulnerable with your partner in front of a camera (whether or not you feel fully comfortable yet, because that will follow!) - you appreciate raw emotion and candid photos - you are laid-back and good to go-with-the-flow - you value quality over quantity - you are able to trust us as artists to do our job well we may not be a good fit if: - you like bright + airy photography or minimal editing - you prefer staged and posed photos - you want us to PhotoShop our photos to make you look skinnier (you are beautiful the way that you are!) - you have an extended shot-list and aren't willing to give us creative freedom - you place more value on photos not pertaining to you as a couple We recognize that it's not possible for us to align with everyone's expectations. The wedding photography industry is wide and ever-expanding, and there are many different styles and approaches to accommodate the needs of those seeking coverage. We know that our style is not for everyone, but it is for some, and we are uncompromising when it comes to staying true to who we are. We desire to create authentic connection with the couples that we work with, and we have learned first-hand that it all goes over best when we work with clients who value our work, enjoy our style, and trust us.